Denver Water

Wheat Ridge, Colorado


Two Buried 10 Million-Gallon Circular Post-Tensioned Concrete Water Storage Tanks, Each With:

  • Inside Diameter 256 ft.
  • Wall Height 28 ft.
SDG Services
  • Prime Consultant for Project
  • Subconsultant Management
  • Site Feasibility Study
  • Preliminary Structural Design
  • Final Structural Design and Detailing
  • Construction Phase Monitoring
  • Bonded Post-Tensioning Systems in the Cast-In-Place Concrete Base Slabs, Walls, and Roof Slabs
  • Two Conventionally-Reinforced Concrete Vaults
  • One Precast Concrete Vault
  • Concrete Masonry Building with Wood Truss Roof System
  • Precast Concrete Segmental Retaining Walls
  • Steel Piping
  • Fiberglass Access Stairs

Ashland Reservoir

Two – 10 Million Gallon Water Tank Replacements

SDG managed the engineering services on this project as the Prime Consultant with Subconsultants for Geotechnical Engineering, Site Civil Engineering, Architectural Services and Photo Simulation Services. This project involved:

  • The replacement of two aging rectangular concrete tanks existing on the same site as the proposed new tanks.
  • A new inlet vault.
  • Two new outlet vaults.
  • A water main interconnect vault.
  • A water quality monitoring building.
  • A detention pond.
  • Replacement yard piping.
  • Temporary shoring systems.
  • On-site groundwater monitoring.
  • Permanent on-site retaining walls.
  • Site perimeter ornamental fencing.
  • Nearby water main improvements.
  • Adjacent street condition assessments, documentation and improvements.

The original rectangular tanks on the site were originally constructed in the 1890s and were some of Denver Water’s oldest tanks.