City and County of Denver
Funding Participation by Urban Drainage & Flood Control District

From 40th Street and Blake Street Intersection to the South Platte River Denver, Colorado


Over Three-Quarters of a Mile Length of Various Drainage Structures

SDG Services

Five Different Major Phases

  • Structural Planning
  • Structural Design
  • Detailing
  • Construction Phase Monitoring and Related Consultations
  • Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • Precast Concrete
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Structural Steel

Globeville Landing Outfall Project

The drainage function of the Globeville Landing Outfall project is to safely and efficiently move storm water from approximately 40th Street and Blake Street to the South Platte River at Globeville Landing Park. This outfall is in a key location, where much of the storm water drainage from the Montclair and Park Hill basins naturally enters the South Platte River.

As part of the Globeville Landing Outfall project, the previous concrete-lined and fenced channel through the Park has been replaced with an open, natural channel in a new alignment.

Both the existing outfall from the Coliseum parking lot and the new outfall will deliver storm water through the natural channels. These two channels will join to form a single open channel in the park before it meets the South Platte River.

The structures includes:

  • Approximately 4,000 lineal feet of cast-in-place and precast box culverts varying from one to six cells with the cells ranging in size from 10’ wide by 4’ high to 15’ wide by 12’ high.
  • Three transition structures from tunneled pipelines under multiple tracks to box culverts within a railroad yard.
  • Three other transition structures to combine box culverts and transition to a culvert with multiple cells.
  • Several cast-in-place box bends
  • Two outlet structures with wingwalls.
  • Channel retaining walls.
  • Lateral drain inlet structures to control channel velocities.
  • Inlet drop structure.
  • Concrete recreation and maintenance trails.
  • New Globeville Landing Park features, including:
    • Pedestrian bridge.
    • Retaining walls.
    • Climbing wall.
    • Picnic shelter foundations.

Construction of the structures includes:

  • Open cuts through the coliseum parking lot and along major streets next to existing buildings, which required extensive temporary shoring structures and design coordination.
  • Construction schedule coordination with major events at the coliseum and with other street improvements.
  • Environmental factors required 2 types of ground improvements to the existing subgrade below some structures.
  • Other special design considerations to keep two 80-inch diameter sanitary sewer pipelines in service.